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YongalaThe small historic town of Yongala is situated 11km south of Peterborough. It was proclaimed a town on May 23rd 1876. Within 5 years the town would grow from a single tent and iron shed to 86 houses and a population of 353. The town developed because it was felt that the railways would come through the town but the swift development of Peterborough as an important railway junction in the late 1890s was a sign that Yongala was not destined to develop into the big town that everyone had envisaged.

The town is situated on a high plateau and frequently experiences winter snowfalls. Yongala is still the weather recording centre for the surrounding district and regularly records the states lowest minimum temperature. It holds the states three top records for minimum temperatures with minus 8.2C in July 1976; minus 8.1C in June 1959 and minus 7.9C in July 1958.

Silos at YongalaThe grain silos that dominate the towns skyline is the major storage point for most of the crops in the area. There is a drive available from the Peterborough Visitor Information Centre which enables you to drive from Peterborough to and around Yongala and then back again. It provides an interesting insight into the history of the town and takes about an hour to complete.


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