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Magnetic HillTaking your vehicle to Magnetic Hill is one of things that you must do if you want to experience something that is just a little bit different from anything else. Park your car on the side of the hill and watch it roll UPHILL.

Magnetic Hill was formerly known as Bruff's Hill, a name which originated from 35 year old James Bruff, of Willunga who settled on that section of land in 1897.

Murray Catford, a former farmer tells the tale of an acquaintance who, in the 1930s, had acquired his first motor car. He was driving in the vicinity of Bruff's Hill and happened to get a puncture right on the section of land now known as Magnetic Hill. He did the right thing - put a stone in front of the wheels before jacking up the vehicle - only to have it roll uphill.

How do you get there?
Take the road from Peterborough to Orroroo. Around 25km from Peterborough you will come to a T - Junction - turn left and travel approximately 1km., Where you will cross over a railway crossing - around 400 metres from that crossing, and on the right hand side of the road, there is a gravel road with a sign "Magnetic Hill 8km". Just follow the signs. When you get to Magnetic Hill park alongside the sign (it even works from down near the creek), put your vehicle into neutral gear, and watch it roll uphill.



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