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Peterborough, South AustraliaPeterborough, (or Petersburg as it was known until 1918) was settled to service the agricultural and pastoral endeavours of the 1870s. A Mr William Heithersay was the first person to start a business venture up, when in 1878 he built a blacksmith shop. Several other ventures by other people soon followed. There are two theories as to how the town got its name. One is that it was named after Mr Peter Doecke, the original owner of the land on which the town was built. The other, that it was named after 'Peters Store', the first General Store in town.

Upcoming Events
These are events that will be happening in or near Peterborough.

Peterborough Art & Cultural Festival April 2014 2014 - 04 - 11-21
Peterborough Art Prize April 2014 2014 - 04 - 11-21

Peterborough Art & Cultural Festival 2014

"To visit our photo album which includes photos from the current 2014 Art & Cultural Festival just click here!!!"

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